Let’s face it, not everyone wants to commit to paying me for credit repair. Not everyone can afford it.
So, I thought to myself, how can I retain those customers?
The answer was a Do-It-Yourself option for my clients.
I wrote a DIY book, that is simple enough for the average consumer to understand, JAM PACKED full of credit education and resources. It even includes 23 of the basic letters they will need!
Comes with:

⚡️ Explanation of the laws
⚡️ Organization Checklist
⚡️ Most Effective Template Letters
⚡️ Mailing Timeline Spreadsheet
⚡️ Personal Calendar Printable
⚡️ Accounts Checklist and Record Printables

This book script cannot be copyrighted, but you can use this script to write your own, or sell it as is. Yes you read right! You absolutely have my permission to sell it!