67 Templates of Credit Rebuilding


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All downloadable files are in Microsoft Word format and a reader for this format is required. Download permission expires in 90 days from date of purchase.


1 File has 25 letters in a single file plus various single files. You have 90 days to access all files. These files may be updated and changed at any time as we update the list of available files.

  1. Credit Reporting Agency/Bureau     Request for Credit Report
  2. Credit Reporting Agency/Bureau      Request for Free Credit Report
  3. Credit Reporting Agency/Bureau      Deletions to Credit Report
  4. Credit Reporting Agency/Bureau      Corrections to Credit Report
  5. Credit Reporting Agency/Bureau      Failure to Respond to Deletion/Correction Letter
  6. Credit Reporting Agency/Bureau      Additions to Credit Report
  7. Credit Reporting Agency/Bureau      Unauthorized Inquiry
  8. Credit Reporting Agency/Bureau      Frivolous-Letter Rejection
  9. Credit Reporting Agency/Bureau      Consumer Statement for Disputed Items Following Investigation
  10. Credit Reporting Agency/Bureau      Consumer Statement for Disputed Items
  11. Credit Reporting Agency/Bureau      Consumer Statement to Make Credit File Complete
  12. Credit Reporting Agency/Bureau      Bankruptcy Accounts Not Identified
  13. Credit Reporting Agency/Bureau      Request to Update for Completeness of Account History
  14. Credit Reporting Agency/Bureau      Mailing-List Restrictions
  15. Creditor                                                  Repayment Agreement for Account
  16. Creditor                                                  Notice of Overdue Account
  17. Creditor                                                  Reduced-Payment Request for Account
  18. Creditor                                                  Request for Ceasing Phone Calls
  19. Creditor                                                  Proposal to Settle Account
  20. Credit Inquirer                                     Unauthorized Credit Inquiry
  21. FTC                                                         Credit Complaint Letter
  22. FTC                                                         Predatory Lending Complaint
  23. Bureaus                                                 Credit Freeze Letter
  24. Debt Collector, CC – Bureaus            Debt Validation Letter
  25. Debt Collector                                      Terms Agreement
  26. Public-Record-Removal-Letter
  27. Personal Info update Letter
  28. Multiple Inquiry Removal Letter
  29. Credit Inquiry Removal
  30. Follow Suite Letter
  31. Response to Frivilous Accusation
  32. Medical HIPAA Validation Request
  33. Lexis Nexis Freeze Requests
  34. Public Record Removals
  35. Public Record Removal Letter #2
  36. BK _ Judgment Removal Request
  37. Cease and desist collection calls
  38. Debt Validation Request
  39. 609 Letter #1
  40. 609 Letter #2
  41. 609 Letter #3
  42. 609 Letter #4
  43. 609 Letter #5
  44. Pay for Delete Sample Letter-1
  45. Pay for Delete Sample Letter-2
  46. Pay for Delete Sample Letter-3
  47. Inquiry Dispute – Transunion
  48. Inquiry Dispute – Experian
  49. Inquiry Dispute – Equifax
  50. Good Will Sample Letter 1
  51. Good Will Sample Letter 2
  52. Chex Systems Dispute Letter 1
  53. Chex Systems Dispute Letter 2
  54. Chex Systems Dispute Letter 3
  55. Chex Systems Dispute Letter 4
  56. Credit-Dispute-Letter1_Equifax
  57. Credit-Dispute-Letter1_Experian
  58. Credit-Dispute-Letter1_TransUnion
  59. Credit-Dispute-Letter2_Equifax
  60. Credit-Dispute-Letter2_Experian
  61. Credit-Dispute-Letter2_TransUnion
  62. Credit-Dispute-Letter3_Equifax
  63. Credit-Dispute-Letter3_Experian
  64. Credit-Dispute-Letter3_TransUnion
  65. Credit-Dispute-Letter4_Equifax
  66. Credit-Dispute-Letter4_Experian
  67. Credit-Dispute-Letter4_TransUnion

All downloadable files are in Microsoft Word format and a reader for this format is required. You are allowed to download this product for  90 days from the date of purchase.  All Files are of US Copyright and reproduction or distribution of such is a violation of federal law and can and will be prosecuted as such. Use of these files are for personal use only and can not be resold or distributed in any manor without express written consent from Credit Warriors, Inc. All Downloadable products have a NO REFUND policy. Please make sure you have selected the correct file you need.


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